The Challenge

Liberate our users from the office with Dealpath on the go.

My Role

Figure out how to integrate the best solution into our product through user research, product strategy, UX, and Visual Design.

Product Background

Dealpath is a pipeline tracking and deal management tool for real estate investors, allowing them to analyze deal information quickly and intelligently.

Real estate investors use Dealpath to manage their deal pipeline by analyzing deal information across properties, reporting, and files across all members of the team and collaborators.

It's used by companies like WeWork, Cadre, and other leading real estate professionals to manage their pipeline and make the best deals.


Problem & Research

We found that users are waiting until the end of the day to update deal information when they're traveling for work.

Acquisition teams travel quite often, usually half of their time is spent visiting potential investment properties. This is time spent flying, taxiing, and touring potential investments with real estate agents. Currently, when a real estate investor is visiting a property, they are printing out deal info to reference, are calling their office throughout the day to get information from Dealpath, and are taking notes on paper to transcribe into Dealpath later that day.

Relying on Print outs
Calling office for updates
Loose notes

Goal & Hypothesis

The goal is to make our users more efficient while they're traveling.

Users travel to a lot of cities and tour dozens of properties in each. This is a lot of travel time where if users had access to Dealpath, they could reference or update deal information on the go instead of waiting until the end of the day or trip, when vital details can be lost.

We believe that users will reference and update information throughout the day in Dealpath mobile app, allowing them to catch more information early and saving them time at the end of the day.

Initial Mocks

Here are some high level explorations as we pinpoint what exactly will be useful for our mobile product:

Deal Dashboard

The deal dashboard is where you can quickly see what's in your pipeline and navigate to a particular deal. It comes in a map view for finding things near you, a card view, and list view.

Deal Dashbarod Map View
Deal Dashbarod Card View
Deal Dashbarod List View


Assignments is a list of all upcoming tasks that are assigned to team members. You can quickly reference who's working on what and when it's due.


Deal Info

Deal info is where you get an in-depth understanding of your deal with editable info fields, organized how you see fit with sections, panels, and templates.

Deal Info


Files for each deal can be tagged or structured within folders for easy access.

Files in Deal
Global Files


Reporting is where you build complex analysis spreadsheets for all your deals. Because Dealpath uses global info fields, you're able to report across all your deals quickly and intelligently.



Each deal is created with a task list to keep it on track to closing. You can set due dates, assignments, and track comments.

Task List

Next steps

We are continuing to vet out product requirements with users through user research and field studies.